Avoid Fake Aspire Coils: How to Check Authenticity Online

Avoid Fake Aspire Coils: How to Check Authenticity Online
April 24 2019

There are many more factories in China capable of building vaping gear than there are recognizable vaping brands. There’s a very good reason for that; building a successful brand is extremely difficult. It’s much easier to copy an existing design than to create something original – and in a nation with inconsistent enforcement of intellectual property laws, China has no shortage of vaping product manufacturers earning their money from cloning other companies’ designs. Some of those companies even cross the line from cloning to counterfeiting, using logos and box designs without authorization.

The Long-Term Effects of Counterfeit Aspire Vape Gear

Cloning in the vaping industry is obviously bad for the companies whose intellectual property is stolen, but it’s even worse for you. When you think that you’re getting a box of Aspire coils at a great price – and those coils turn out to be counterfeit – you’re not going to have the kind of vaping experience that you should have. You could even be using equipment that’s potentially dangerous. The worst part is that you might begin to get the impression that Aspire’s quality control has suffered and may even decide to choose a different brand when you buy a new mod or tank.

Introducing the Aspire Authenticity Checker

Counterfeit Aspire products don’t just reduce the quality of your vaping experience; they also harm Aspire’s reputation as a brand. That’s why Aspire has been putting authenticity codes on its products for the past several years. By simply visiting the Aspire website and inputting the authenticity code from a box, you can confirm that the product you’re using is the real deal. You can also see how many times the code has been checked before. Do you have an “authentic” box of Aspire coils that’s been checked hundreds of times already? You might have a fake product on your hands.

How to Check Aspire Coil Authenticity

On the box of every Aspire product, you should see a holographic sticker along with a section labeled “Scratch and Check.” Scratch that section with a coin to reveal the authenticity code. Visit the Aspire website and scroll down to the authenticity checkers near the bottom of the page. Check the appearance of the sticker on the product box to determine whether it uses the new or old verification system. The Aspire website shows examples of both types of stickers. Enter the code in the appropriate field depending on the type of sticker your product has. Click the “Check” button to confirm that the product is authentic. If the code isn’t legitimate – or if it has been checked many times already – you’ll see a warning message.

Triple 7 Vaping Is an Authorized Aspire Vape Gear Seller

Here at Triple 7 Vaping, we are proud to be an authorized seller of Aspire vape gear. We encourage you to check the authenticity code on every Aspire product we sell. Let’s all help to ensure the bright future of the vaping industry by saying “no” to clones and counterfeit vaping products.

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