Cleaning and Maintaining Aspire Vaping Tanks: Ultimate Guide

Cleaning and Maintaining Aspire Vaping Tanks: Ultimate Guide
April 5 2018


Vaping isn’t always as easy as we might like it to be. Every tank has a variety of different coils and airflow settings. Every device has different vaping modes and wattage or temperature settings. You may sometimes encounter problems that you aren’t sure how to resolve. Never fear – we’re here to help. In this ultimate guide to Aspire vaping tanks, we’re going to start at the beginning and explain absolutely everything that you need to know. We’ll explain how to fill, clean and care for your Aspire tank. We’ll explain how to get more vapor and how to fix a broken tank. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand how to have the best possible vaping experience. Let’s get started!

Which Aspire Tank Should I Buy?

Aspire has a huge lineup of tanks. Whether you’re a new or experienced vaper, it can be difficult to pick the one that suits your needs. We have an Aspire tank comparison elsewhere on this site; it’ll help you choose the right tank.

How to Fill an Aspire Tank

Some Aspire tanks fill from the top, and others fill from the bottom. Consult the instruction manual to find out which type of tank you have. To open the tank, gently twist the metal hardware at the top or bottom. Before filling an Aspire tank for the first time – and each time you replace the atomizer coil – wet the exposed cotton portions of the coil with a bit of e-liquid. Doing so primes the coil and helps to ensure that you won’t get a dry hit when vaping. Fill and reassemble tank. If you’re using a new coil, the cotton needs to be completely wet before you begin vaping – so wait several minutes for the e-liquid to soak in.

How to Change the Coil in an Aspire Tank

Standard Aspire Tanks

In most Aspire tanks, the atomizer coil is connected to the tank’s bottom hardware. To replace the coil, twist the bottom hardware to remove it from the tank. Twist the atomizer coil out of the base and twist in a new coil. Prime the coil with a bit of e-liquid before using it for the first time.

Aspire Revvo Tank

The Aspire Revvo tank has a unique design and an unusual method for replacing coils. To get started, twist off the tank’s top hardware. You’ll see the cone-shaped retaining nut that holds the coil in place. Twist off the retaining nut and lift the old coil straight up to remove it from the tank. drop in a new coil, ensuring that the o-ring on the side of the coil lines up with the tank’s glass. Replace the retaining nut and top hardware. Invert your mod – or place it on its side – for a few minutes to wet the cotton on the underside of the new coil.

How to Vape With an Aspire Tank

Wattage Range

On the side of most Aspire atomizer coils, you’ll see a set of numbers – such as "40-60W” – indicating the coil’s suggested wattage range. Although the range is only a suggestion, you’ll generally have the best experience if you set your device’s power within that range. If you set the power too low, the tank may gurgle and spit. If you set the power too high, the atomizer coil’s cotton wick may burn. If you prefer very long, slow puffs when vaping, keep your device at the low end of the suggested power range.



When you vape, you can inhale the vapor from the mouth to the lungs – as if you were smoking – or you can inhale directly to the lungs. In general, an e-cigarette tank works best for only one style of inhaling. The Aspire Nautilus 2, for example, is optimized for mouth-to-lung inhaling. It’s the ideal tank for someone who has just converted from smoking to vaping. The Aspire Athos, on the other hand, is designed for direct-to-lung inhaling. How can you tell the difference? A mouth-to-lung tank has a narrow mouthpiece and small air holes at the bottom. A direct-to-lung tank has a wide mouthpiece and large air holes.

I Bought the Wrong Type of Tank!

Manufacturers of vaping products spend most of their resources on designing tanks for direct-to-lung inhaling because those tanks are popular among e-cigarette users who always want the latest gadgets. Given the popularity of direct-to-lung tanks, though, many new e-cigarette users purchase that style of tank accidentally when they’d rather have a mouth-to-lung tank. Although your best bet is to buy a tank optimized for the vaping style you prefer, you can convert a tank to a mouth-to-lung tank by replacing the wide-bore mouthpiece with a narrow drip tip. With some tanks, you may need a 510 adapter. If you aren’t sure whether your Aspire tank will accept a standard 510 drip tip, contact us. Our friendly vaping experts are happy to help. By replacing the mouthpiece and adjusting the airflow collar, you can get a good mouth-to-lung vaping experience with almost any tank. Don’t forget that reducing the tank’s airflow will cause the coil to run hotter. You may need to lower your device’s wattage setting to compensate.

Keeping the Cotton Wet

To have a great experience with your Aspire tank, the most important thing you can do is ensure that the cotton wick always stays wet. Dry cotton burns quickly, and an atomizer with a burned wick produces foul flavors. Keep your tank’s wick wet by following these three rules.

  1. Don’t chain vape. Wait several seconds after each puff.

  2. If you prefer long puffs, lower your device’s wattage.

  3. Refill your tank when the e-liquid no longer covers the coil’s wick openings.

How to Make Your Aspire Coils Last Longer

No vaping coil lasts forever. After some time, you’ll notice that the coil – which used to be silver – has turned black. You may also notice discoloration of the cotton wick. You’ll also taste a new flavor – like burned sugar – when vaping. It’s time to replace your coil. Flavors, sweeteners and other e-liquid ingredients can leave deposits on an atomizer coil. The deposits eventually form a crust that burns when you vape. That’s why an old atomizer coil produces off flavors. In addition to following the rules above, you can make your Aspire coils last longer by avoiding e-liquids with sweeteners and strong flavors. If you prefer sweetened e-liquids, make sure that you have room in your budget for frequent atomizer coil replacements.

How Do I Clean My Aspire Tank?

Cleaning Your Tank

You should clean your Aspire tank periodically to keep it working its best. Cleaning the tank removes remnants of previous e-liquid flavors. It also removes residue from the mouthpiece and clears out the air vents. You can clean your Aspire tank by disassembling it and swishing it in warm water. If you need a bit of extra cleaning power, you can use a paper towel or flexible pipe cleaner. Blot away excess water with a paper towel and reassemble the tank.

Cleaning Your Coils

You can also clean the atomizer coils for your Aspire tank by swishing them in warm water or vodka. Cleaning a coil removes some of the crust and can prolong the coil’s life. It will not, however, fully restore the coil’s original flavor. After cleaning an atomizer coil, allow it to dry for about 24 hours. Prime the coil with a bit of e-liquid – as if it were a new coil – before using it again.

My Aspire Tank Is Spitting Hot E-Liquid Into My Mouth!

If your Aspire tank is gurgling and spitting, the most likely reason is that your device’s wattage setting is too low. As a result, the air pressure from your puffs is drawing more e-liquid toward the coil than the coil can vaporize. The excess e-liquid pools and spits out through the mouthpiece. Try increasing your device’s wattage so the tank can vaporize the e-liquid more efficiently. You can also try closing your tank’s airflow slightly.

My Aspire Tank Is Leaking!

Every vaping tank may leak a little from time to time. Condensation can form in the chimney, for example, and flow out the mouthpiece when you place your device on its side. If your Aspire tank consistently leaks a large volume of e-liquid, though, something is wrong. The first thing that you should do is disassemble and reassemble your tank. Make certain that the atomizer coil is fully tightened and none of the parts are cross-threaded. When reassembling the tank, try to avoid screwing the parts together too tightly as over-tightening can warp the gaskets. If your tank continues to leak, it’s likely that a gasket no longer makes a good seal. In our selection of Aspire replacement parts, you’ll find any gasket or other component that you may require.

My Aspire Tank Is Broken!

Aspire vaping tanks use durable borosilicate glass. It is possible to break the glass, though, if you drop your device on a hard surface. Many Aspire tanks include replacement glass enclosures, and you can also find Aspire replacement glass in our store. To replace the glass, disassemble your tank and remove any glass fragments with tweezers. Push gently to get the replacement glass sleeve into position and reassemble the tank. Note that in the Aspire Triton, the glass is a permanent part of the upper hardware. If you buy a new upper hardware part, you’ll receive a replacement glass enclosure that’s already installed.



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