Struggling with a leaky vape tank? If so, that’s okay, it happens to every vaper at some point.

October 13 2017

Struggling with a leaky vape tank? If so, that’s okay, it happens to every vaper at some point. In fact, it’s one of the most common problems faced.

Getting e-liquid all over your hands, mouth and clothes can be difficult to deal with—especially the cleaning. In addition to being difficult to clean up, direct contact with e-liquids can make you sick.

If your vaporizer is leaking, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Knowing the Difference Between Flooding and Leaking

Sometimes when your vaporizer "leaks”, it’s not actually leaking. Half the time when e-liquid leaks into the battery, it’s actually the cartomizer tank flooding. Flooding occurs when the user inhales forcefully or puts pressure on the cartomizer. This results in the heating coil becoming unable to absorb all the e-liquid.

This can kill the battery, and the last thing you want is the taste of e-liquid in your mouth.

So, how do you tell the difference between flooding and leaking? It may be confusing at first. Flood occurs if you overfill the cartomizer of your vaporizer, or if you try to add e-liquidto the atomizer when the wick is saturated.

Leaking, on the other hand, is caused by small cracks in the base of the vaporizer.

Some e-liquid fluids can also cause the cracks because they can’t tolerate high temperatures.

Preventing Leakage and Flooding

If your vaporizer is flooding, the good thing is that it’s fixable! There’s nothing wrong with the device. With that said, as long as your atomizer is working, you can fix the problem.

How? Well, first start by dissembling the device and drying the excess liquid with paper towels.

You can also (gently) blow at the tip to stop the ‘gurgling’ sounds your vaporizer has been making. After this, reassemble your vaporizer and enjoy!

However, if your device’s mod is leaking, and there are cracks in the cartomizer, then the only choice left is to purchase a new one. Make sure to check whether your heating coil has been affected. If it has, then you need to purchase a new atomizer.

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