Internal Battery vs. Removable Battery Mods

Internal Battery vs. Removable Battery Mods
February 21 2018


Internal Battery vs. Removable Battery Mods

Are you in the market for a new vaping device? As you look at new vape pens and box mods, you’ll discover many factors that differentiate some mods from others. How large do you want your mod to be? What wattage range do you require? Do you want a device with temperature control support? Do you want an all-in-one device, or do you want a device that lets you use any tank you like? We believe, though, that choosing between internal battery vs. removable battery mods is one of the most important things to do in the early shopping stage. Both types of mods have their benefits. For example, a device with a fixed internal battery is usually smaller and less expensive than a device with removable batteries – but are size and cost the most important factors for you? In this article, we’ll help you decide. This is the Internet’s most comprehensive guide discussing the pros and cons of internal battery vs. removable battery mods.

Internal Battery Mods Are Smaller and Less Expensive

Since an internal battery mod doesn’t have removable batteries, it requires no battery door. Mods with internal batteries usually also lack thick copper contact points for the batteries and use soldered wires instead. Eliminating the extra hardware allows companies to make internal battery mods that are small, light and inexpensive. If you buy an internal battery mod, you’ll get a device that’s easy to carry in your pocket. You’ll also spend less – not only because the device itself costs less than a removable battery mod, but also because you won’t need to buy separate batteries or a battery charger.

Internal Battery Mods Are More Likely to Fail

An internal battery mod has permanent components – the batteries – that a removable battery mod lacks. If a device has more components, there is a greater chance that something could go wrong. Fixed battery mods are therefore more likely to fail than removable battery mods. If you use a removable battery mod, it isn’t a problem when your batteries stop holding a charge. You can recycle the batteries and use new ones. While it’s technically possible to replace the batteries in a fixed battery mod if you’re handy with a soldering iron, it’s more likely that you’ll need to discard the entire device if the batteries stop working. That may not be a problem if you buy new vaping devices regularly. In a year, you might consider your current device obsolete and decide to replace it anyway. If you’d like a device that will last several years, though, you have a better chance of longevity with a removable battery mod.

The fact that a removable battery mod is less likely to fail also means that it may potentially have a lower long-term cost of ownership than an internal battery mod. You may get around a year out of a pair of lithium-ion batteries before the charge capacity decreases so much that the batteries are no longer useful. Replacing a pair of batteries costs much less than buying a new mod.

Removable Battery Mods Let You Choose Your Batteries

The batteries in a vaping device work very hard. A dual-battery mod typically has greater battery capacity than a smartphone. While a smartphone can last all day with constant use, though, a vaping device may only last a few hours. It takes a lot of power to generate those big, tasty clouds. If you want to know for sure that your batteries are up to the task, you need to choose the batteries yourself. There’s a reason why internal battery mods are so affordable – it’s because the manufacturers use the least expensive components possible.

Choosing your own batteries also means that you have an additional way in which to customize your vaping experience. Do you prefer big coils and high-wattage vaping? You’ll want batteries with high continuous discharge ratings. Are your requirements for vapor production more modest? Choose batteries with high mAh ratings for more vaping time.

Removable Battery Mods Let You Charge Batteries Your Way

A removable battery mod often has a USB port that allows charging. You don’t have to charge the batteries through the USB port, though; you can also use the external battery charger of your choice. A nice charger allows you to select the charging speed, monitors all cells independently and shuts down automatically when charging is complete. With an internal battery mod, on the other hand, USB charging is your only option. The electronics that manage the charging process are inside the mod. The charging circuitry in an internal battery mod should have the same safety features as those of a standalone battery charger. If an entire mod carries roughly the same price tag as a good standalone battery charger, though, it’s likely that the charging circuitry in the mod won’t be of the highest possible quality.

An internal battery mod also has a potentially crucial point of failure that a removable battery mod lacks: the USB charging port. While it’s true that any USB port can fail, that’s a catastrophic problem with an internal battery mod. If you can’t charge the device, you can’t use it. With a removable battery mod, though, a failed USB port isn’t the end of the world. You may lose the ability to charge via USB, but you can always charge your batteries with a standalone charger.

Removable Battery Mods Have Less Downtime

Most vaping product manufacturers recommend against using internal battery mods while they charge. Some mods may technically work while charging, but reaching a full charge will take a long time because vaping with a high-wattage device drains power more quickly than the charger can replace it. Alternating constantly between charging and discharging also isn’t good for the longevity of the batteries. When the batteries in an internal battery mod die, the best practice is to stop vaping and allow the device to come back up to a full charge – which can take hours. With a removable battery mod, there’s no downtime if you have more than one pair of batteries. You can simply charge one pair while you use the other pair.

Do you travel frequently? If you do, buying a removable battery mod is the only logical choice. Suppose you go on a camping trip. During the trip, you’ll have limited access to power. If you bring an internal battery mod, you’ll have to conserve the battery life. If the mod dies, you’ll have the difficult decision of either charging the mod in a potentially unsafe way – in your car, for example – or not vaping. With a removable battery mod, the only thing that limits your vaping time away from a power outlet is the number of spare batteries that you own.

Internal Battery Mods Are Their Own Battery Carriers

If you’ve been vaping – or aware of the vaping hobby – for a while, you probably know that some e-cigarette owners have encountered terrible situations in which their batteries caught fire. A lithium ion battery stores a great deal of power in a small package, and some people fail to familiarize themselves with battery technology when they begin vaping. One of the worst mistakes that you can make is to carry loose batteries in your pocket. If metal objects such as keys and spare change touch the terminals of a battery, a dangerous short circuit could result. If you have a removable battery mod, it’s easy to transport your batteries safely using a battery carrier. If you’re the type who might neglect to follow safety rules, though, an internal battery mod is your best bet because the mod is its own battery carrier. 1-877-277-8906

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