Efest LUC V2 Universal charger

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The Efest LUC V2 Battery Charger is a safe and reliable digital smart charger with a HD LCD display. This charger is far beyond the typical "kit" charger. It is a top of the line unit that will not destroy your batteries, or yourself. Providing a much needed boost in safety features. It is an intelligent smart charger that will charge a wide variety batteries simultaneously while monitoring and charging each of the two battery slots independently. It automatically detects battery status while selecting the appropriate mode for charging. It has a USB power outlet so it may be used as a source for powering or charging other devices. It may also be used in any vehicle with the included 12V pigtail for connection to an automotive power port.

Efest LUC V2 LCD USB Charger Accommodates the following battery sizes:
10440 / 16340 / 14500 / 14650 / 18350 / 18500 / 17500 / 17670 / 18650 / 18700 / 26500 / 26650 / 22650 Li-Mn or Li-ion batteries.

Package Includes:
1 x Efest LUC V2 Universal charger
1 x AC wall plug adapter
1 x Car charger cable adapter
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Owners manual
1 x Authentic Efest box Packaging


  • Compatible with 3.6V / 3.7V Li-Mn/Li-Ion batteries
  • Each slot displays independent charging status
  • Durable spring mechanism
  • HD LCD display
  • Input: AC 12V/24V
  • Output: 4.2V - 0.5A , 1.0A
  • USB Output: DC 5V 1.0A
  • Can be used as a power bank for charging phones and mobile devices.
  • 4 types of protection include: over-charging, over-voltage, short-circuit, reverse polarity
  • Auto-Stop when fully charged / Auto-Recharge when voltage is less than 4.10V
  • Activation function can activate low voltage batteries > 0.6V
Efest Charger Operation Instructions:
  • Once the external Power or car charger adapter is connected with the LUC charger, the system begins to self-inspect and battery inspection.
  • LUC charger can change between 500mA or 1000mA current up to different size batteries, Automatically changes to 500mA when batteries is:10440 / 16340 / 14500 / 18350 / 18500 / 17500 or changes to 1000mA when battery is: 17670 / 18650 / 18700 / 26500 / 26650 / 22650 batteries, CV is 4.23V.
  • LCD display "Er” (short for Error), charger will stop charging automatically when battery voltage is under 2V within 5 seconds, "Er” mark on LCD screen will disappear once batteries were took off.
  • Charging Status: Charging: with battery voltage and the sign if capacity flickers on LCD screen. (A).cell full charged: with battery voltage and the sign of capacity is marked three lines without flicker. (B).cells full charged:with battery voltage and the sign of capacity is marked four lines without flicker.
  • 5) When inserting a battery with the wrong positive or negative end LCD will shows ”Error” and stop charging, please insert the batteries to be correct polarity.
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