Aspire Cleito Tank

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The Cleito from Aspire Features a top fill design and is made of 304 grade stainless steel with a Pyrex glass tube and a wide bore drip tip made of imported food contact Delrin material. With a 3.5 ml of e-liquid capacity, 22 mm wide, 40 mm tall with a drip tip that is 12 mm tall. Aspire's Cleito uses an updated coil design different from those tanks of the past, it frees up even more restriction in the airflow by eliminating the need for a static chimney. This results in an expanded flavor profile and increased vapor production. Combined with a Clapton kanthal coils for maximum flavor. Coil Variations include 0.2 ohm (55w - 70w), 0.4 ohm (40w - 60w), and 0.27 ohm (40w - 55w). 

Package includes:
1 x Aspire Cleito Tank
1 x Aspire Cleito Replacement Pyrex Glass Tank
2 x Aspire Cleito 0.4 ohm coil pre-installed and 0.2 ohm coil seperate 
5 x Color coded Cleito Cuffs
1 x Aspire Vape Band
1 x Aspire Cleito drip Tip
1 x authentic Aspire packaging
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Aspire Cleito Tank: Complete Guide

Although it isn’t possible for one e-cigarette or tank to be everything for everyone, there are a few devices and accessories that come close. In the world of e-cigarette tanks, the Aspire Cleito is one of those products. The Cleito is so simple to use that it’s a perfect tank for those upgrading from their first e-cigarette starter kits or vape pens. The Cleito also has such great flavor and vapor production, though, that many people who use it have no desire to switch to anything else.

Is the Aspire Cleito the best e-cigarette tank on the market? We aren’t sure, but we do know that the Cleito is a great first tank – or a wonderful upgrade – for just about everyone. In this guide, we’ll explain everything that you need to know about using the Aspire Cleito.

What Is the Aspire Cleito?

Aspire first released the Cleito tank in 2016. It proved so popular with the vaping community that it remains in production today. What made the Cleito revolutionary when it was first released? To understand what makes the Aspire Cleito different from most sub-ohm tanks, you must first understand how traditional sub-ohm tank design works.

The Traditional Sub-Ohm Tank


Above is a picture of a disassembled Aspire Atlantis tank. The main body of the tank has a metal chimney that connects to the atomizer. The atomizer generates vapor, which flows through the chimney before it reaches your mouth. It’s a good design, but it has a bit of a shortcoming in that the chimney creates a possibility for vapor to escape before you can enjoy it. Let’s look at how the Atlantis compares to the Cleito:

Why the Aspire Cleito Is Different

In the Aspire Cleito tank, the coil itself is the chimney. The coil connects directly to the top hardware of the tank, so the vapor has nowhere to go except to your mouth. The benefit of this design is that, without requiring a high-power device, the Aspire Cleito generates enormous vapor clouds and delivers a very pure, focused and rich flavor. The design of the Cleito is so solid and reliable that many e-cigarette users continue to swear by this tank today. Nothing else does quite as good a job of creating smooth, creamy and flavorful clouds.

Using the Aspire Cleito

The Aspire Cleito comes with one coil head already installed. The coil has a cotton wick that draws e-liquid from the tank to the heating coil. Before you use the Cleito tank for the first time, we recommend priming the wick with a bit of e-liquid. To prime the wick, twist off the tank’s top hardware and pull the glass tube gently away from the base of the tank. The coil head remains connected to the tank’s base. If you were replacing the coil, you’d twist the old coil out and twist in a new one. To prime the wick, moisten the exposed cotton on the side of the coil head with a bit of e-liquid.

To fill and use the Aspire Cleito, replace the glass tube, hold the tank upright and add e-liquid until the tank is nearly full. Replace the top hardware. We recommend waiting several minutes for the cotton to saturate fully before using the tank for the first time. If any portion of the wick is dry, the cotton could burn – and if the cotton burns, the coil head is ruined. You should also avoid using the Aspire Cleito when the tank is almost empty. When the level of e-liquid is low, refill the tank promptly.

What Are the Different Types of Aspire Cleito Tanks?

The Cleito tank lineup has grown since Aspire released the first Cleito in 2016. Today, there are three Cleito tanks in all:


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