7 in 1 silicone Containers

US$12.95 US$8.77

The 7 in 1 Container features 7 compartments 6 are 4ml inside cup capacity and 1 larger 10ml inside cup capacity. 2 piece Food Grade 7 in 1 LEGO BLOCKS are Stackable, stashable, and come in a BRIGHT RED YELLOW TIFFANY BLUE color. Silicone Storage Containers, 6 x 4ml big rounded inside cup capacity, & 1 bigger 10ml big rounded inside cup capacity!! Freezable , Durable , & Stackable.  MEASURE 10 CM X 2.5 CM and WEIGHTS 98 grams.

Package Includes:

1 x 7 in 1 silicone Container

1 x manufacturers bag packaging

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