Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware

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The Authentic Aspire Atlantis Base hardware comes complete with an airflow mechanism and rubber gasket seal. You can finally Build your own Atlantis version 1 atomizer Tank or repair your existing one with our Genuine authentic Aspire Brand replacement Parts O.E.M - original equipment from the manufacturer. 
Package Includes:
1 x Authentic Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging


Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal replacement manual:

The Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal is easy to install and use. 1st dis assemble all the parts by Simply unscrewing the upper hardware of the Aspire Atlantis tank. Like when your filling it with your Favorite E-liquids - E-Juices. Now you remove your Aspire replacement coil from the  faulty, damaged or broken Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware. Next, Replace the coil onto your new Aspire Atlantis Base Hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal, fill the tank with your favorite liquid flavors. Next step, we are going to replace the Aspire Atlantis upper hardware, make sure all parts are nice and tight. Last step prime your coil if its new, then clean everything a final time and we are done! Please note we can't stress this enough, Its extremely important to keep your equipment clean and free from dust and debris. Dirty equipment and parts This is the leading cause of part failures and problems with vape devices and equipment.
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