Aspire Atlantis Hollowed Out Sleeve tank


Made with a stylish stainless hollowed-out sleeve that encases the anti break Pyrex glass. It's awesome look and added protection for drops and dings makes this Aspire Atlantis accessory a must have!
Aspire's Atlantis replacement tank with hollowed out sleeve is 2 ml capacity upgrade accessory for your Aspire Atlantis V1 or V2 Tank.  Very Simply unscrew the glass tank and screw this one on, features a 510 connection for use with any drip tip or the original Aspire Atlantis drip tip.
Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Atlantis Replacement Tank with Hollowed Out Sleeve
1 x authentic Aspire packaging


How to use and install your Aspire Atlantis tank Hollowed-Out Sleeve part:
Designed to screw onto the base hardware and coil of your Aspire Atlantis 1 or Aspire Atlantis 2 tanks, really easy installation as follows,  1st step make sure all your parts are clean and sanitized. Carefully clear broken glass away from your Aspire Atlantis 1 or Atlantis 2 base hardware. Remove your original, damaged or broken Atlantis upper hardware (the top part where the drip tip fits in and the glass meets the tank on the top). Next fill your new Aspire Atlantis replacement tank with Hollowed-Out Sleeve tank with your favorite e-liquid. Last step, replace the Atlantis base hardware and coil to the tank part you just filled. Please remember to prime your coil if your using a new one, or you may want to wait a couple extra minutes for priming with this new part install anyway. 
Aspire's Atlantis replacement tank with hollowed-out sleeve for the Aspire Atlantis version 1 and 2 tanks was designed for users who may need extra added protection from drops and breaks, it replaces the original Aspire Atlantis Pyrex glass part. Features added durability, the smooth look of the hollowed-out sleeve is also a cage for protection, encasing the Pyrex glass tank tube. This part is ideal for those users with habits of breaking your Pyrex glass tank parts frequently (no worries it happens to us all at some point). Also for anyone who likes the awesome look and appeal of the hollowed-out design.
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