Aspire Nautilus Base hardware


Aspire Nautilus Base hardware With air flow and Rubber Gasket Seal. Build your own Aspire Nautilus tank or repair your existing one with our genuine Authentic Aspire parts. O.E.M - Original Equipment from the Manufacturer. Aspire's Nautilus tank is a popular M.T.L mouth to lung style tank atomizer, this replacement part fits the bottom where the airflow turn style dial and where you screw your coil into. 
Package Includes: 
1 x Authentic Aspire Nautilus Base hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging


Installation guide for the Aspire Nautilus Base hardware With Rubber Gasket Seal:
   Simple installations as follows, 1st step Carefully clear any broken glass away from your parts, then make sure all your parts are cleaned and sanitized. Remove your original, damaged or broken Aspire nautilus base hardware with gasket seal, then remove the coil. Next step, replace your coil or put a new coil in to your new Aspire Base hardware part. Next, fill your Aspire Nautilus replacement tank (upper hardware) with your favorite e-juice. Moving along, replace the Nautilus base hardware and coil to the upper hardware part you just filled with e-juice, screw everything down nice and tight. Clean everything 1 last time and your done. Please remember to prime your coil if your using a new one, or you may want to wait a couple extra minutes for priming with this new part install anyway.

Bottom piece, part designed to screw onto the upper hardware assembly of your Aspire Nautilus 1 tank atomizer. Replacement Aspire Nautilus base hardware part includes the rubber seal gasket seal and airflow, spring collar for airflow control, 510 connector pin. 

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