Aspire Speeder Athos kit

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Aspire is proud to announce the Speeder 200 Watt Kit, a combination of the high power Aspire speeder mod and Aspire Athos sub ohm tank atomizer. The Speeder mod is a dual bay removable 18650 battery mod which delivers up to 200 watts of power. The Speeder kit also comes with a partner tank developed especially to make best use of the power available. The Athos tank utilize our innovative penta-coil head to satisfy those who prefer both dense clouds and top-notch flavor. Its produced in two versions, the standard 4ml version and the TPD compliant 2 ml version. We carry the standard version in Black, Grey, or Gold.

Package for Standard (this kit) includes:
1 x Aspire Speeder mod 4ml version
1 x 4 ml Athos tank
1 x Extra A3 (Kanthal AF Tri-coil head)
1 x Extra drip tip ( Delrin wide bore drip tip )  
1 x extra glass tube 
1 x USB cable 
12 x O-rings 
1 x Warning card
1 x User Manual 
1 x Warranty card

Aspire Speeder Athos Guide: 200-Watt Mod With Aspire’s New Penta-Coil Tank

Are you looking for more out of the vaping experience – more vapor, richer flavor and better battery life? It’s time to upgrade to a dual-battery mod. You need a device with the power to drive a modern sub-ohm tank, and you need a tank capable of harnessing that power. With the Aspire Speeder Athos kit, you’ll get both. Let’s learn more about why this package is becoming the go-to vaping setup for experienced vapers around the world.

We sell the Aspire Speeder Athos kit here at Triple 7 Vaping for just $63.77. If you already have the tank or atomizer that you’d like to use, you can buy the Aspire Speeder mod on its own for $44.77. We also sell the Aspire Athos tank separately for $28.77. Aspire Athos coils cost $4.77 each.

What Is the Aspire Speeder Mod?


The Aspire Speeder reaches a maximum power of 200 watts using two 18650 batteries. The Speeder features a bright 0.96-inch OLED display and a built-in USB port for fast charging. The mod’s battery door has ample venting to allow heat from the batteries to escape.

Design and Ergonomics

Companies in the vaping industry work hard to design devices that’ll appeal to consumers’ changing tastes. While trying to create the best looking vape mods, though, many companies neglect to consider ergonomics – which is really a shame considering the amount of time that the average mod spends in its owner’s hand. The Aspire Speeder is the rare exception that both looks and feels great. The Aspire Speeder is a master class in tasteful, elegant design, and it looks especially beautiful with the matching Athos tank.

Are you tired of using a big box mod with a tiny fire button? The Aspire Speeder ditches the traditional fire button in favor of a large fire bar. With a fire bar, there’s no need to worry about whether you’re pushing the fire button or one of the adjustment buttons. You can push the fire bar simply by squeezing the Aspire Speeder. The Speeder is also designed for ambidextrous operation; the screen automatically flips when you change its orientation.

Supported Modes

Since the Speeder features Aspire’s latest microcontroller and firmware, this device supports all the most popular vaping modes including variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control, wattage curve and bypass. Since some of these vaping modes may not be familiar to you, we’ll discuss them in greater detail.

Temperature Control Mode

Some coil materials – most notably nickel, titanium and stainless steel – change greatly in resistance as they get hotter. If you use a coil made from a material that supports temperature control vaping, the Aspire Speeder can use the coil’s resistance to estimate its temperature. Setting a maximum temperature for your atomizer coil helps to ensure that you’ll never get a harsh dry hit if you forget to refill your tank.

Wattage Curve Mode

Would you like to give your tank an extra burst of power at the beginning of each puff to make the atomizer generate vapor instantly, lowering the power after a second or two to prevent the wick from burning? With wattage curve mode, you can do exactly that. Use this mode to deliver a specific wattage to your coil during each second of a long puff.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode makes the Aspire Speeder behave like a mechanical mod. In this mode, the Speeder delivers the batteries’ full power directly to the tank. When the batteries are fully charged, you’ll get more vapor. The vapor production tapers off gently as the batteries lose their charge. The Speeder’s safety features remain active in bypass mode.

What Is the Aspire Athos Tank?

Athos Tank Features

The Aspire Athos is a terrific looking tank that also happens to be the answer you need if you’re on the hunt for greater vapor production. If you want your e-cigarette to generate more vapor, the easiest way to do so is by increasing the mass and surface area of the atomizer coil. In designing the Athos tank, Aspire’s engineers asked themselves one simple question: Why should an atomizer head have just one or two coils? As long as a coil head has adequate wicking properties, there’s no need to stop at just one or two coils – so the Aspire Athos features up to five coils per head. The Aspire Athos penta-coil head has a resistance of 0.16 ohms and operates in a suggested power range of 100-120 watts. A 0.3-ohm tri-coil head is also available. The tri-coil head has a suggested power range of 60-75 watts. With this kit, you’ll receive one of each coil and will have an opportunity to choose your favorite. You’ll also receive two mouthpieces with differing shapes to suit your vaping preferences.

Filling the Athos Tank

Filling the Aspire Athos is easy thanks to the textured top cap that’s easy to grip and turn. To fill the tank, simply twist off the top cap to expose the filling area. Place your dropper or bottle tip in the slot on the outside of the Athos tank, and fill the tank until the e-liquid reaches the top of the glass. To keep the tank from spitting or leaking, avoid getting e-liquid in the large center hole.

Who Should Buy the Aspire Speeder Athos Kit?

If you’re looking for the best vaping kit on the market, your two best options are the Aspire Speeder Athos Kit and the Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit, available elsewhere on this site for $67.77. Comparing the two kits, you’ll note that the Aspire SkyStar has a slightly higher maximum power of 210 watts. It also has a center-mounted 510 connection, while the 510 connection of the Speeder is offset. The SkyStar has a touch-screen interface, which means that changing power or temperature settings can be a bit slow compared to changing those settings with traditional up/down buttons. However, having a touch screen also means that it’s much more difficult to change your settings accidentally while vaping. The Speeder has the traditional up/down buttons.

With its traditional adjustment buttons, large fire bar and penta-coil tank, the Aspire Speeder Athos kit represents the pinnacle of traditional box mod and sub-ohm tank design. This sleek vape mod is guaranteed to satisfy. It is affordable, powerful and exactly what you want if you’re ready for an upgrade to the vapor production, flavor quality or battery life that you enjoy when vaping.

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