Aspire Nautilus replacement Glass part


Authentic Aspire Nautilus replacement glass tube part made for the full size Nautilus version tank only. Holds a full 5 ml of E-Liquid, and made of high quality Pyrex glass materials. Now you can build your own Nautilus tank atomizer or repair an existing one with our Authentic Aspire replacement parts.
*Please Note This part ONLY fits the Authentic Aspire Nautilus tank atomizer, Will not fit the Aspire nautilus mini tank. 
Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Nautilus replacement Glass part
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging with scratch code


How to Install your Aspire Nautilus replacement Glass part:

The Nautilus Pyrex glass replacement tank tube part from Aspire is the perfect way to get your Nautilus tank in working condition again. Easy step by step replacement instructions as follows, Simply unscrew the base hardware and coil assembly from the glass tank of your Authentic Aspire Nautilus tank. Next, you will unscrew the upper hardware (the top part where the drip tip connects with the glass), make sure to then remove your old broken or cracked glass parts carefully. Now that we have all the parts dis-assembled we then screw your new Aspire Nautilus glass part into the upper hardware. Make sure to screw everything down slow and snug but never wrenched down. Next, Fill the tank with your favorite E-Juice and screw your Nautilus base hardware with coil assembly back together. Next clean everything up and visually inspect your work.  Wow you are ready to vape again! Every Aspire Nautilus 1 tank kit comes with one extra Replacement Pyrex tank included.

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