Aspire Revvo coils

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Aspire's new Futuristic ARC, the Aspire Radial Coil. Aspire’s latest TPD compliant 0.10 ohm - 0.16 ohm "Stove Top” Style wave of the future coil design. Aspire has discarded the classic BVC style coil design, making way for the ARC heating element and has taken vaping to a whole new level. Features a staggering output of flavor and vapor as a result of the increased surface area of the stove top coil ARC design. Shipped and sold in packs of 3 coils.  
Compatible with: Aspire Revvo tank and Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit
Package Contains: 
3 x Aspire Revvo ARC Coils
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging

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Everything you didnt know about the Aspire Revvo Radial coil:

You can change the cotton!

The Aspire Radial coils are very low cost, and are not easy to burn out if they are not taking on dry hits, so they are barely worth your time and effort. But if you are like us and the hard core DIY do-it-yourself vapor type, it just takes a few minutes, and some finesse with some small tools and your in business. Please take note there is a thin cotton pad between the cotton wick and the stove disc coil that can not be replaced.

The instructions say you should hold the tank and coil upside down for two minutes when you change the coil and periodically after filling, but reading on you’ll see that you really don’t have to move it that much, except when it’s at it’s very very low levels of e-liquid. 

How to Change or replace the ARC, Aspire Revvo Radial coil:

  • Unscrew the top cap, put to one side.
  • Unscrew the coil mounting screw.
  • Remove the used coil.
  • Replace with fresh coil – ensuring that the new ARC is sitting flush with the tank.
  • Screw the coil mounting screw back into place.
  • Replace the Top cap.
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