Anti Spit Back Acrylic Hybrid 510 drip tips

US$10.00 US$7.34

These colorful Acrylic hybrid stainless steel 510 drip tips features a special screen on the inside specifically designed to prevent coil and tank e-liquid spit back, the base of this drip tip is also designed to trap and dissipate heat. Also sports a double rubber O ring seal at its connection base for stronger drip tip connection hold onto your vape tanks. Has broad wide bore at the lip and a sectioned heat sink stainless steel base. This drip tip is comes in 6 awesome swirl colors you can choose from. 

Height: 0.82 inches or 20.8 mm
Width: 0.49 inches or 12.5 mm 
Weight: 0.14 ounces or 4.0 grams
Color: 5 colors
Materials: Acrylic lip and Stainless steel 510 base
Package Includes:
1 x Acrylic Hybrid Screened inside Stainless base 510 drip tips
1 x Sealed clear package in a white box

Base Specifications:
Base height: 5.0 mm

Base outer diameter: 8.5 mm
Base inner diameter: 5.5 mm
Bore diameter: 8.0 mm

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