Vape Rag

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This Washable and Re-usable Vape Rag soaks up all unwanted E-liquids & E-juices. Paper towels and tissues (and even your undershirt) seem to smear e-liquids all over, We have got you covered! Introducing The "Vape Rag". Made from a highly durable cloth like proprietary material, measures 4.75 inches tall x 8 inches wide.

Compatible with: E-liquid and E-juices

Package Includes:
1 x Vape rag (made of cloth like proprietary materials)

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This super absorbent tear proof, washable, and reusable clean up cloth for vaping. This little rag is approximately 4.75 inches tall by 8 inches wide and will mop up everything in its path leaving NO trace behind! It's super fantastic , eat your heart out Sham WOW !! The " Vape Rag " also Works Like a charm for polishing all your stainless steel, Brass, nickel, and copper Mods and Atomizers.

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