CottonBacon Comp Wrap wire

US$12.99 US$10.00

Finally the perfect Comp Wire, Specifically designed to be used on more devices. A unique Nichrome blend with lower nickel content and added properties of Kanthal. Providing optimal ramp time, long pulls and longer life span. Everything you've been waiting for from a comp wire. 

*Pack of Bacon Bits Included in every pack

Compatible With: Dead Rabbit RDA

Package Includes:
1 x Length of Ni80 alloy wire
2 x approximate 4 inch strips of CottonBacon Bits
1 x Authentic Wick N Vape packaging with scratch off


WARNING: For Skilled and advanced users only. Use at your own risk. In no event regardless of cause, Shall Triple 7 Vaping, The Triple 7 Trading Company, Wick N Vape, or any of our affiliates be liable for any bodily injury or property damages as a result of using this product.

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