Aspire Typhon 100 Mod


One of the newest members to the ever-changing Aspire mod collection—the Aspire Typhon 100. This mod is both compact and ergonomic, the curvy design makes the mod feel super comfortable in the palm of your hand. The Typhon 100 is equipped with a 0.96 inch OLED screen and is powered by a 5000 mAh internal battery, with a maximum output wattage of 100 W. Yes! That means less recharging required and an even longer vape time! And if that’s not enough, the Typhon 100 also supports VW/VV/Bypass/CPS/TCR…all features that can easily satisfy your various vaping requirements. Also, with a width of 26 mm the Typhon can easily match the most of your tanks with no ‘overhang’!

Compatible With:  Aspire Reevo tank - Aspire Typhon Reevo Kit - Most Tanks and Atomizers with a 510 connection.
Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Typhon 100 w Box Mod
1 x USB charger cable
1 x User manual 
1 x Warranty card
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging

Aspire Typhon Guide: Sleek, Affordable 100-Watt Box Style Mod

The Aspire Typhon is a sleek and sexy box mod with a 5,000 mAh internal battery, a 100-watt power range and a surprisingly affordable price. If that description doesn’t get your juices flowing, we don’t know what will! If you’re looking for a serious upgrade for your vaping setup, we believe that you’ve found it right here. In this guide, we’ll explain what makes the Aspire Typhon mod so special.

We sell the Aspire Typhon mod for just $47.77 here at Triple 7 vaping if you already have a tank or atomizer that you want to use. If you’d like a package that includes a great new tank, look at the Aspire Typhon Revvo Kit for just $59.77.

What Is the Aspire Typhon?


The Aspire Typhon is a slim box mod that sets a new standard for big power in a tiny package. As mentioned above, the Typhon has a built-in 5,000 mAh battery. That’s about the same as the battery life you’d get from a dual-battery box mod with two 18650 batteries. Since the Typhon has a built-in battery, though, it doesn’t need the usual heavy contact points and hinges to ensure a good electrical connection. Instead, the batteries are wired directly to the mod’s circuit board. The fixed battery design allows the Typhon to deliver the same power as a dual-battery mod in a much slimmer and lighter package. Comes equipped with the latest features including spring loaded 510 connection, safety ventilation holes and a bright vivid 0.96 OLED display screen. Image below presents some of the specifications and size measurements.

Fast Battery Charging

The Typhon features USB charging and communication that’s years ahead of the competition. Like many other modern mods, the Typhon supports firmware upgrades via USB. The feature that makes the Typhon unique, though, is its onboard 2-amp battery charger. Most mods only support 1-amp charging. The first time you connect the Typhon to your computer’s USB port, the charging speed will shock you – it’s less waiting and more vaping! Aspire recommends charging the Typhon only with the included USB cable. Below is a diagram image poster of the mod fast charging.

Vaping Modes

The Aspire Typhon supports every vaping mode you could possibly need. In addition to the standard wattage mode, the Typhon supports temperature control mode, voltage mode and bypass mode. In bypass mode, the Typhon outputs the full power of the battery to the connected tank or atomizer – but the mod’s safety features remain active. Having trouble choosing between a mechanical mod and a regulated mod? The Aspire Typhon’s bypass mode gives you the best of both worlds.

The final mode that the Aspire Typhon supports is a wattage curve mode. It allows you to define a power setting that changes during long puffs. With the wattage curve mode, you can set a high initial wattage that causes the Typhon to generate vapor instantly when you press the button. As you continue to hold the button, though, the device can lower its power gradually to prevent dry hits and burned wicks.


If you like striking colors, you’ll love the Aspire Typhon’s unique "paint splatter” design that’s available in red, green and blue. Although the Typhon has a slim design to take advantage of its internal battery, Aspire created this mod with users of larger tanks in mind. The Typhon comfortably fits tanks up to 26 mm without the dreaded overhang that plagues most smaller mods. For the sake of comparison, the Aspire Revvo tank is 24 mm. With the curved design of this mod, you’ll love the way it feels in your hand. You’ll also love the fact that the Typhon is designed for ambidextrous operation and automatically detects its own orientation. The display instantly flips in response when you turn the mod. Below is a image display of the rotating screen responding to a direction change, just like you would if you switched the mod to a different hand.

Who Should Buy the Aspire Typhon Mod?

The Aspire Typhon is the perfect vaping device if you don’t intend to vape at extremely high wattages and need something that’s slim and provides great battery life. Aspire designed the Typhon to be a good companion for the company’s flagship Revvo tank, which has a suggested operating range of 50-100 watts. It’s the perfect tank for the Typhon mod. If you want to use a tank or atomizer with higher wattage requirements, though, the Aspire SkyStar mod might be the better choice for you. The Typhon is not ideal for extreme coil builders or competition vapers. For mainstream vapers who want to blow huge clouds and enjoy all-day battery life, though, the Aspire Typhon is a great choice that’s easy on the wallet. There are few mods that can match the Typhon’s combination of low price, slim design, strong wattage range and industry-leading battery life.

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