Aspire CF Pass-through Battery with USB charger


The Aspire CF Passthrough 900 mah battery is a 510 eGo threaded, 3.7 Volt high quality rechargeable vape Battery. Aspire CF passthrough batteries are convenient for motor vehicles equipped with a USB plugin for charging electronics, and for everyday vaping around the house. Easy to unplug when you are on the go, this awesome gadget can also be charged from both ends. Comes complete with instructions and a 32 inch (more than 2 1/2 feet long) USB charging cord.

Available Colors: Black

Package Includes:
1 x Authentic Aspire CF Passthrough battery
1 x Aspire USB Charging Cable 420 ohm - 32 inch long
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging


Authentic Aspire CF Passthrough Battery

The Aspire CF series batteries are among the longest lasting and best quality vape batteries in the vaping industry. Standard Features of the CF passthrough battery include over charge protection, over discharge protection, atomizer coil short circuit, charger short circuit, lock/unlock feature, stainless steel endpoints, a metal fire button, and a carbon fiber body. The carbon fiber casing body of the Aspire CF Passthrough Battery provides a line of strength and durability and is resistant to scuffs and scratches. What sets this battery apart from the rest is its passthrough capabilitys. The passthrough feature of this device allows you to charge the battery while still in use, YES while you are vaping. This allows the user to never be without a functioning electronic cigarette battery. We recommend users also purchase a USB car charger for convenient use on the go. 


Length: 4.27 inches - 108.5 mm

Diameter: 0.58 inches - 14.8 mm

User Instructions:

Simply attach a compatible tank with e-liquid and press the fire button. To turn the battery on, press the fire button 5 times fast in rapid succession. This will trigger a series of flashing lights, indicating that the battery now on. To turn the battery off, click the fire button 5 times fast, and it will turn off. Please do not charge the CF battery on another charger - it may damage the battery. 5 Blue taillights on the bottom of the battery indicate operation. 

Blue LED taillights will display for battery cell voltage:
For voltages greater than 4.0V: 5 lights.
3.8-4.0V: 4 lights.
3.6-3.8V: 3 lights.
3.4-3.6V: 2 lights.
3.2-3.4V: a single Blue LED light.
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