Aspire SkyStar Box Mod

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Aspire does it yet again, with another great new powerful mod to hit the market, following on from the success of the Aspire Speeder Mod,  now bringing you an even more powerful, more up to date mod, the SkyStar. The SkyStar is a dual 18650 battery 210 watt mod with a 1.3 inch touch screen with every function you have come to expect from Aspire. Wattage/Voltage/BYPASS/TC(Ni,Ti,SS,M1,M2,M3) and CPS (Customizable Power Settings). Its sensuous curves make it very ergonomic in the hand and easy to operate all the functions with just one hand, and an absolute joy to hold.

Compatible With:  Aspire Reevo tank - Aspire SkyStar Reevo Kit - Most Tanks and Atomizers with a 510 connection.

Package Includes:
1 x Aspire SkyStar Box Mod
1 x USB charger cable
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Warning card
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging


Aspire SkyStar Guide: We Review Aspire’s Latest and Greatest Mod

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed consistently over the years at Triple 7 Vaping, it’s that ex-smokers love Aspire vaping products. Maybe it’s because Aspire’s smart designs appeal to the ex-smoker’s desire for simplicity and convenience, or perhaps it’s because Aspire – arguably more than any other vaping company – understands that flavor is the most important aspect of a great vaping experience. The Aspire SkyStar is the company’s latest and greatest mod. It represents the culmination of everything Aspire has learned over the years about developing great vaping devices, and it implements some revolutionary new technologies that we believe will strongly influence the next several years of vaping product development.

Welcome to our Aspire SkyStar guide. In this review, we’ll explain everything that you need to know about Aspire’s new flagship device.

We sell the Aspire SkyStar mod for just $57.77 here at Triple 7 Vaping if you already own the tank or atomizer that you’d like to use. If you’re hunting for a great tank, though, consider the Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit instead. It’s only $67.77 and includes a revolutionary new tank that you’re certain to love.

What Is the Aspire SkyStar Mod?


The Aspire SkyStar is a dual-18650 battery box mod with a maximum power of 210 watts and a sleek, stylish design that doesn’t look like anything else on the market. If you’re tired of the loud, bright colors that permeate the vaping industry these days, the Aspire SkyStar is a refreshing breath of fresh air with color and trim options that simply ooze class. Another unique aspect of the Aspire SkyStar is that the 510 threading is centered on the top of the device with a spring loaded 510 connection. That feature alone makes the SkyStar unusual in a world of mods with offset threading. If you’re tired of the standard box mod design in which the threading and fire button are on opposite sides of the device, you’ll love the ambidextrous design of the Aspire SkyStar. The Specifications and size chart is displayed below.

The SkyStar has a rounded design in which the middle of the device is slightly thicker than the edges. The design both makes the SkyStar more comfortable to hold than many box mods and allows it to accommodate much larger tanks and atomizers. The Skystar is 33 mm at its widest point and can comfortably fit most of the largest attachments with no overhang. The spring-loaded 510 pin makes a firm connection with any tank or atomizer.

Touch Screen Interface

The second unique aspect of the Aspire SkyStar is the touch-screen interface. On the front of the mod is a vivid 1.3-inch OLED touch-sensitive display that provides access to the mod’s settings. Aside from the fire button on the front of the device, the touch screen provides the only interface. When you connect the included USB cable to charge the device, the screen automatically changes to show you the battery status and current charging rate. Below is a picture of the Touch screen interface.

Vaping Modes

The Aspire SkyStar has vaping modes to suit every taste. In addition to variable-wattage and variable-voltage modes, the SkyStar offers temperature control vaping for nickel, titanium and stainless-steel coils. You can also define your own thermal settings if you prefer an unusual coil material. You can even operate the SkyStar in bypass mode to make it behave like a mechanical mod without losing the built-in safety features. You’ll have immediate access to the full power of your batteries, but the SkyStar will stop you and display an error message if you happen to make a mistake.

Safety Features

Speaking of safety, the SkyStar includes a wide array of safety features to ensure that you can always vape without concern for your welfare. If you make a mistake, the Aspire SkyStar will catch it with its automatic detection of short circuits, high and low temperature, high and low voltage and more.

Who Should Buy the Aspire SkyStar Mod?

The SkyStar is Aspire’s new flagship mod – it is the absolute best device that the company offers. Although the Aspire SkyStar is surprisingly affordable, it also has every feature that you could possibly expect in a high-end mod. We’d say that you should buy the Aspire SkyStar mod if you’re the type of vaper who requires the best of the best, but the fact is that this device’s low price would have been the price of a budget mod only a few years ago. The SkyStar is so affordable that virtually anyone can now afford the best that the vaping world has to offer. If you love vaping, you need this device.

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