Aspire Cobble kit

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A fantastic All in one or AIO vaping sytem brought to us from Aspire brand ecigs, designed for both style and comfort in mind. The Cobble is an explosive little 700 mah battery unit with a 1.8 ml pod system that will be sure to thrill you. The shape of the unit provides ergonomic comfort and sophisticated shape and design, made for the users best experience in mind. The Cobble is an auto draw device, just inhale from the drip tip to vape. No button needed or required. 

Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Cobble with pod and coil
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual
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The Cobble needs no introduction, slim, small and super light weight with extreme power in the tips of your fingers. Easily concealed in your pockets or Purse. Making it perfect for persons who are always on the go. 
The Cobble's pod is a TPD compliant, bottom fill, 1.8 ml eliquid capacity, and comes with a built in, non replaceable 1.4 ohm Nichrome BVC coil, designed for use with nic-salts but normal e-liquids also work very well.
Below is a Picture Chart for the size specifications of the Aspire Cobble All in one system
The Cobble features a mouth to lung style airflow system with auto draw, its just right for those who prefer a tighter more restrictive puff or draw. The taste and vapor productions is unmatched, because Aspire does use the newest technology bottom vertical coil design. One taste and your sure to agree this unit should be at the top of the list on the button-less pod systems in the market.
Aspire has conveniently added all the important Safety features. Including automatic cut off, Short circuit protection, Low voltage protection, Over charge protection, and of course Over heat protection. 
How to remove and fill the Cobble pod - Gently push up on the E-liquids viewing window to remove and release the pod from the unit. Next turn the pod upside down (inverted), Now lift the silicone fill hole seal, put the eliquid bottle or bottle dripper into the fill hole of the pod system, Next fill the pod with your favorite ejuices and liquids. Finally  firmly Replace the silicone and re-insert the pod into the cobble's power unit, pressing downward until it clicks properly into place.
Below is a Diagram poster showing how to properly fill the Aspire Cobble Pod AIO system
You can charge the cobble by using the provided Micro USB cable and plugging it into the Micro USB port of your cobble battery unit. You can charge it at a max 1000 mah current. When the USB cable is attached and charging the LED light will indicate the current battery levels: Red light 3.5 volts or less, Blue light: 3.5 to 3.8 volts, Green Light 3.8 volts and above. When fully charged the LED light will flash 20 time and then turn itself off.
Below is the Charging chart poster showing how to properly charge the Cobble
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