Aspire CF Mod

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Aspire CF mods were designed for intense power to low resistance atomizer tanks. Aspire CF Mods use a single 2600 mah Aspire 18650 battery which is, you guessed it... Sold Separately. The Aspire CF Mod is made for your Aspire Atlantis tank and other sub ohm tanks. Charging the CF mods single 18650 size battery does require an external third party charger, we recommended a couple in the "compatible with" section below. Available in 4 awesome colors.  
Package Includes:
1 x Authentic Aspire CF mod (your choice 4 colors)
1 x Authentic Aspire tube packaging
***WARNING*** NOT compatible with the Aspire USB charger!

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More About the Aspire Cf mod:
The Aspire Cf mod was made for Aspire's Atlantis sub ohm tank and is more than capable of matching and even out performing the competition. With the versatility of some of the best rebuild-able atomizers. Boasts the ability to go as low as 0.5 ohms, and can handle up to 30 watts of power. Aspire's Atlantis tank will not work with standard eGo style batteries, it needs to utilize a mod capable of producing intense power like the Aspire CF mod. Furthermore, the Aspire CF MOD is also equipped with a great many safety features including- Atomizer Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, and On/Off capability. If you are looking for the best in personal compact electronic vape mods, the Aspire CF MOD is the best selection for any e-cigarette user. requires a 3rd party charger for its needed and required for its Aspire 2600 mah 18650 size battery. We recommend buying multiple 2 or 3 batteries so you can rotate them while charging and using them, this will prevent you from having down time waiting on your only battery to charge. 
Features and Specifications:
  • Voltage: 3.5 volts to 4.2 volts
  • Compatible with a single 18650 battery
  • Electronic switch protection
  • 510 Threaded
  • 0.86 inch Diameter (22 mm)
  • Available in 4 Carbon Fiber colors
  • 121.5 mm long x 22 mm wide diameter
Use instructions for Your Aspire CF Mod:
Press the button 5 times fast within 2 seconds, this will Turn On or OFF the mod. Once on, the LED light on the button will flash 3 times (both blue and orange lights) and the bezel will glow blue to indicate that the battery is on and ready to fire. You can then Press the button when you take a puff and release when you exhale. The LED light will stay blue as long as the voltage is between 3.5 volts and 4.2 volts indicating you have a good charge on your battery. The LED will turn orange when the voltage drops under 3.5 volts indicating your battery is low and needs to be charged sometime soon. When battery cell voltage is less than 2.8 V (very low battery), the mod will remain OFF (YOU CAN'T USE IT), and the Orange LED light will blink 15 times indicating it has died its charge cycle and needs to be charged to be used again.
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