Aspire Puxos Mods


The Aspire Puxos is a tiny device with big aspirations. Using a single 21700 cell, the Aspire Puxos delivers a massive 100 watts of power. You can also use the Puxos with a 20700 or 18650 cell. With an 18650 battery, the Puxos reaches 80 watts. Limited colors remain

Compatible With: Aspire 21700 battery - Aspire 3000 mah 18650 battery - Aspire 2600 mah 18650 battery - Aspire Puxos Mod Removable Side Panels
Kit Package Includes:
1 x Puxos mod
1 x USB Cable
1 x 18650 battery adapter preinstalled
1 x Warning card / 1* User manual / 1* Warranty card

Aspire Puxos Kit: Review and Guide

Do you think that the squonk box is the biggest recent revolution in vaping? What about nicotine salt e-liquids? If you ask us, the adoption of the 21700 battery cell is one of the most important developments in recent years because it allows single-battery devices to do the kinds of things that once required two 18650 batteries. Using just one battery, the new Aspire Puxos delivers a maximum power of 100 watts. The increased capabilities of the 21700 cell enables the Aspire Puxos to support virtually any tank or atomizer that you’d like to throw at it – and it does so in a package scarcely larger than the single-battery vaping devices of the past. As if that wasn’t enough, the Aspire Puxos kit includes a long-awaited update to one of the most popular sub-ohm tank platforms that Aspire has ever released.

Let’s learn more about what makes the Aspire Puxos so special.

100 Watts With a Single Battery

If you like big vapor clouds and small vaping devices, you’ve probably lamented the fact that single-battery devices using 18650 cells often can’t support the most powerful sub-ohm tanks because they struggle to reach the required wattages. Even if an 18650-based device can reach the suggested wattage for a sub-ohm tank, it probably won’t deliver acceptable battery life. A 21700 cell, on the other hand, offers far greater energy density at an only slightly increased size. Aspire’s 21700 battery, for example, has a capacity of 4,000 mAh and supports a maximum current of 40 amps. Using a 21700 cell allows the Aspire Puxos to deliver up to 100 watts of power – and it feels approximately the same size as an 18650-based mod.

If you don’t own a 21700 cell yet, it’s no problem; the Aspire Puxos also supports 20700 and 18650 cells. To install an 18650 cell, you’ll need to use the included sleeve. With an 18650 battery, the Aspire Puxos reaches a maximum power of 80 watts.

Note: The Aspire Puxos kit does not include a battery cell.

Magnetic Sides Give You a Customized Appearance

At the time of writing, the Aspire Puxos is available in 14 different colors and designs ranging from plain silver to jungle camo. The covers attach to the mod with magnets, so you can select a different color whenever the mood strikes you. You can even use two colors simultaneously if you like – and there’s no need to buy a new mod when you want to try a new color. The covers are available separately.

Below is the Exploded View Poster image of the Aspire Puxos Kit with all its parts labeled.

Flexible Vaping Mode Support

The Aspire Puxos is a flexible device with all of the vaping modes necessary to please the most demanding of vapers. The Puxos supports the following vaping modes:

  • Variable wattage

  • Variable voltage

  • Bypass mode (outputs the full available wattage of the battery while retaining built-in safety features)

  • Custom wattage curve (built-in memory allows you to save up to three presets)

Below is a Chart diagram poster for charging the Aspire Puxos Kit.
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