Quartz Terp balls pearls

High Quality Quartz Terp Balls / Pearls

 High Quality Terp balls (terp pearls) are an extremely effective and affordable way to improve your dabbing sessions. These small quartz pearls spin look like glass dab balls and can be placed inside your banger and as airflow moves them, they spin around and improve the vaporization of your concentrates. To use, place the balls inside the banger before heating, then after heating as usual, using a directional airflow carb cap draw through your rig and the airflow from the carb cap will spin the balls around to cover more surface area and improve the amount of concentrates being vaporized. Available in several colors so you can match to your favorite rig or accessories. Price is for 1 pearl unless specified.

Compatible With: Stache Rio Kit

Package Includes:

1 x  High Quality Terp ball / pearl



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