Flat Spinner disc carb cap

Flat Coin style Spinner disc carb cap

 The Flat coin style Spinner Disc Carb Cap is a unique carb cap that combines a standard carb cap with a spinner carb cap. It features three triangular grooves on a flat, solid surface. These grooves create a vortex effect as air passes through the cap and into your banger. This creates more suface area being covered and pairs perfectly with terp balls / pearls to spin around your banger making sure every last drop of your concentrates is vaporized and inhaled. Measures 1 inch wide by aprox. 1/4 inch tall. Made of high quality pyrex glass.

Compatible with:

Package Includes:

1 x Flat Spinner disc carb cap

1 x Fancy bag Packaging



  • Spinner Carb Cap (coin style)
  • Creates Vortex Inside Banger
  • Pairs Perfectly with Terp Pearls
  • Works with Nearly Any Flat Top Banger
  • White Rhino Decal
  • High Quality Pyrex glass
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 inch face x 1/4 inch tall
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