Pyrex Glass Flower Screens

Glass Flower Screen

It's recommended to use screens with their high quality glass pipes and bongs however, it's important not to use brass or metal screens with glass pipes and accessories. Instead, it's safer for your pipe to use a pyrex glass pipe screen. These flower-shaped glass screens sit nicely in the bottom of your bowl and allows airflow to move past while keeping your herb and ash in the bowl instead of your mouth, makng this a perfect glass weed screen or ash catcher. Comes in multiple colors at random.

Compatible With: Stache Rio kit - Stache Rio quartz banger

Package Includes:

5 or 10 x Pyrex Glass Flower Screen




  • Universal Fit - Fits Most Pipes/Bowls
  • Flower Design
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Prevents from Inhaling Ash
  • Recommended for Glass Pipes and Accessories
  • High Quality Pyrex Glass
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