Standard Policies

General Policies

  • You must be Legal Smoking Age in your U.S State or district to view or Purchase products From website, you must pass the quick age verification process before you are permitted to purchase.  More information on the 3rd party Age Checker Verification process utilized at Triple7vaping, please click the link in this text.
  • ALL Maryland residence are subject to 6% sales tax.
  • All orders in the amount of $50.00 or more ship free 1st class and are shipped with in the next 24 hours or the next business day. (with the exception of Sundays & holidays)
  • The Triple 7 Trading Company / does reserve the right to Revise and or change All policies, procedures, terms and conditions, With Notice.

Fast and Free Same Day Shipping Policy

Same day shipping referred to in this policy and all policies and references on the website, refers to orders being processed and delivered to selected currier in the same 24 hour period. Monday - Saturday with the exclusion of Government holidays. Same day shipping defined refers to all orders being packed and accepted by Currier with in the same 24 hour period of the customer placing the order. Please note: Uncommonly some orders may be take longer to process due to various, unique general credit card / debit card processing delays.

Shipping & Handling policy
  • currently Ships to US and US territories only & we predominantly use the United States Postal Service, Fed ex, and UPS for all our shipping needs. (Fed ex & UPS available upon request or for larger orders) If you have a U.S zip code we will ship to you. Including APO / FPO / DPO Military & Diplomatic P.O Addresses.
  • ships Free Same Day 1st class or better to all 50 states in the U.S.A. Free On all orders of 30$ or more.
  • Free Shipping is offered only for 1st class shipping and on orders over $50, if you select a higher cost, more expensive, or faster shipping method the free shipping offer is voided or no longer offered.
  • All orders are Shipped from the United States Post Office in Pasadena, Maryland 21123.
  • Same Day Shipping referred to in this policy and all other policy's of Means shipping fulfillment with Orders are processed within 24 hours of being placed and elivered to the selected Currier (excluding Sundays & Government regulated Holidays and only because U.S.P.S and other shipping company's are closed.)
  • Free shipping is NOT offered for Wholesale orders. For wholesale pricing and availability Email:
  • A representative of, will take every order directly to post office everyday (monday-saturday excluding government regulated holidays) stand in line, have your parcel Acceptance Scanned & obtain a receipt From the United States Postal Service. This is how we stand behind our Same day Shipping and Handling policy's. Our mission is to have your Order properly packaged & mailed within 24 hr's (Same Day) of you placing the order.

USPS First Class Shipping Policy

  • U.S.P.S. First Class mail is only available Free on small orders of 50$ or more because of the size , weight , value , and lack of insurance. (Under administrative discretion) Priority mail is available as a shipping upgrade.
  • All shipments include a tracking number associated with your selected Currier. A "Thank You" email will also be sent to you by a representative once your package has been processed and shipped. This email will also include your tracking and Currier information.  
  • When tracking your package with USPS, if you encounter a "not found" error, this usually means that your package has been processed by but is not yet being tracked by the Currier. Example- U.S.P.S. Or that our Stamps dot com's label printing system isn't as fast as U.S.P.S advanced systems. In which case try the tracking directly on the U.S.P.S web site it should be available soon. 
  • USPS First Class Mail does NOT include insurance.
  • USPS First Class Mail is not guaranteed on delivery time however the Approx. Delivery time anywhere in U.S.A  2 - 4 days (Monday-Saturday) most common is 2nd - 3rd day (depending on location) with first class U.S.P.S packages from

USPS Priority Mail Shipping Policy 

  • United states postal service Priority mail offers the fastest & best value to our customers providing Fast tracking & $50 complimentary insurance.
  • U.S.P.S. Priority mail shipping is Offered as a shipping upgrade or free on larger orders due to weight , size, value, and the need for insurance.
  • Free priority mail shipping is not typical and is under administrative discretion.
  • U.S.P.S. Priority Mail usually delivers within 1-3 days from the shipping date (Monday - Saturday) using stamps dot com or Pay Pal's shipping label system. The  1 - 3 days (Monday-Saturday) policy is not guaranteed by USPS &  not guaranteed by However the  Most common delivery for Priority mail packages ordered from is on the 2nd day.
  • U.S.P.S. Priority Mail includes a U.S.P.S. Fast tracking number  
  • A Signature May be required on larger orders for priority mail , at which case we may need to contact you directly. (under administrative discretion) 

Shipping Disclaimer

  • A representative of will take every order directly to post office everyday (Monday - Saturday excluding government regulated holidays) stand in line and get an Acceptance Scan & receipt of confirmation that United States Postal Service has received your package. This is how we stand behind our Same day shipping & handling policy's.
  • Our Basic  shipping services are provided by the United States Postal Service and all matters related to shipping must be handled with U.S.P.S. directly. 
  • U.S.P.S. does offer for the most part speedy and reliable service at a low cost. However, they can and will occasionally make the mistake of delivering the the wrong address or losing a package, Unfortunately these errors are out of our control and / triple 7 trading company cannot be held liable or responsible for any shipment that is late, lost or damaged by the United States postal Service. However we will assist in tracking / locating packages lost through the U.S.P.S advanced tracking systems. For assistance Please call united States Postal Service toll free #1-800-ask-usps.
  • does not guarantee transit time. Actual transit times may vary from the estimates listed in these policies.
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable as are some offers of free shipping on orders returned. (Please see return policy)
  • SAME DAY Shipping in this site refers to, ALL Orders are Processed within 24 hours of being placed. (except Weekends and Holidays).
  • does most business in the evening hours, We make 1 single guaranteed trip daily to the Post Office in the Late Morning hours usually 11 am - 12 pm (EST) 
  • All delivery issues (Shipments that are late, lost or damaged) should be addressed with your local U.S.P.S. post office.
  • If your packaged is marked "delivered" and you have not received it. Please call the United States Postal Service. 1-800-ASK-USPS

Return policy 

  • carefully selects every product for Quality and Value. We carry mainly Aspire Hardware and other high end electronic cigarette gear. We have selected these brands for there industry leading manufacturing & quality control standards. Aspire's hardware is rigorously tested for durability and consistency before being factory sealed. We have had very little or no problems with Aspire equipment malfunctions. However we do understand mistakes could be made on anything mass produced. 
  • For your convenience offers a 14 day return policy on all products that are NOT damaged as a result of a drop accident or everyday use. Returns must be initiated within 14 days of product delivery confirmation. No Returns on products after 14 days of delivery confirmation.    
  • If you receive a product that doesn't work or is considered D.O.A dead on arrival, please contact us within 72 hours of delivery confirmation to initiate a return.   
  • If you wish to return an item you ordered by mistake our free shipping offer will be revoked. Meaning we will refund your payment minus the actual cost of the postage we paid to ship the order to you. Cost varies by package size, weight, & destination. approx. shipping values range from $2.66 - 22$ + dollars.
  • Absolutely No returns on E-liquids
  • If you have ordered a product by mistake and believe your within the limits of's return policy. And you would like to return the item for a refund or exchange please call 1-877-277-8906 or Email: we are always here to help.
Liability Disclaimer and its Affiliates can not and will not be held responsible for any inappropriate or misuse of vaping equipment. Please EDUCATE YOURSELF & Please ALWAYS use the proper precautions with your equipment. The user recommendations outlined by / Triple 7 Trading Co. must be followed. All vaping equipment should ONLY and always be used with approved accessories and E-liquids / E-juices sold by with no exceptions.

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