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"DOCwhoknows" - U.S.A

"Hi my name is Tashia and i wanna tell my experience with triple7vaping.com . Well 1st of all i have been vaping for a yr now. I absolutely love it, and i feel great. i have noticed i dont smell like nasty cigarettes anymore. And i can breath :) Im currently vaping on the Aspire Atlantis & Sub Ohm Battery. I have made multiple purchases with triple7vaping.com i really couldn't be happier. Great Customer service and fast shipping and quality products. Stacey & Jay Jay will go outta there way to make sure i'm satisfied. Currently i buy most all my vaping necessity's right here !! If you choose to make them your one stop shop, you wont be let down. Im telling ya, Quality & customer service definitely is there #1 priority."


"triple7vaping.com really is an awesome website and company ! They got all the help ya need for your your Aspire stuff, and with other top of the line products. They have a great customer service, and lightning fast shipping, plus they are more than happy to answer all your questions quickly. Truly The best at triple7vaping.com. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to be a repeat customer. What more is there to say ?"

J.D / PBT Tech II (ASCP), Phlebotomist

Beautiful North Carolina

"I actually stumbled across triple7vaping.com by accident. But its the Best trip i have taken . This IS the go to place for all your ASPIRE wants and needs! *****5 star all day! I get all my aspire nautilus,aspire atlantis coils and accessories here....this is mine and should be your 1 stop shop for everything..the best part is the CUSTOMER SERVICE!.(JASON IS THE MAN!) Ive dealt with alot of people and places but hands down this place is fabulous!.....GREAT COMMUNICATION AND FEEDBACK!...Ive already referred alot of my friends and will continue to do so....even if i ever stop vaping.....all i can say is great job...keep up the good work.


First thing's first, I was introduced to Jason from a friend on facebook. He is super helpful through the whole buying process. He answered questions, gave advice & even made me my own bundle on his site, this made the whole experience 100 times better. Shipping was incredible! My girlfriend's birthday was coming right up, I was planning on fixing up my old Atlantis tank for her. I ended up buying a new base & sub ohm battery & it was shipped same day. They both came in exactly on her birthday. Which was Right on time! Overall I am very pleased with the service & products, triple7vaping.com is the real deal.

Ulysses / Warehouse Mgr. - Fredrick, Colorado

A few months ago I started vaping. Did not know much about it, except It sounded like a much safer alternative to smoking. I had many questions. So I began to do some research & contact vendors, I never heard back from most, the ones that I did hear back from didn't help much. I happened across Triple7vaping.com on another site, and noticed they had great prices, I ordered. Arrived in a few days, the rest is history. These guys are top-notch. Not only have they answered all my questions in a friendly prompt manner, they sincerely care. And it shows ! My orders always arrive quickly & safely.triple7vaping.com is the best place on the planet for Aspire products & Make sure to try the King of the Cloud juice its Super Awesome!!

Seth / SF Bay, California - Land surveyor/Student

"I have been vaping for approximately a year and half. Triple 7 vaping has the most amazing flavors, reasonable prices, top shelf equipment and lightning fast shipping! They are highly recommended and a trustworthy business!" -Porchea, Massachusetts

"Vaping saved my life". I'm sure everyone has heard that before. It is 100% truth for me. I was smoking menthol cigarettes since 14. I had bad lungs, runs strong in my family. Every year I was in and out of the hospital with pneumonia or bronchitis. One night I couldn't sleep due to the lump in my throat that seemed to be getting worse. By 5 am I couldn't breathe unless my head was tilted back. At the emergency room with x rays they saw that I had some kind of black mass in my lung! First thought was my children, my eyes welled with tears. I handed the Dr. my full pack of smokes and said, "Today, I quit." A few breathing treatments later I was sent home. That day I made vaping a full time thing, and Triple7vaping has always been a reliable resource for all my vape supplies. Since i quit traditional cigarettes and went to electronic cigarettes, I have NOT suffered from any such breathing problems. I have frequent check ups, and my lungs have actually healed! A recent breathing test shown that I now have the lungs of a 30 yr old! The mass is GONE! I am proud to say I am 32, and NOT ON OXYGEN! And that is how vaping, saved my life. -Sarah, Atlanta Georgia

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