massive clouds (7/13/2015)
So when I purchased the original atlantis I was amazed by the great flavor nice airflow nice clouds I fell in love with it and bought several (from but then aspire did an upgrade and now we have the new and improved aspire atlantis v2 I didnt know what to expect because I was thinking wow the v1 is so amazing how could they top that but they did not only adding another airflow hole to the base but also to the mouth peice wow now this tank is the perfect choice for someone who is trying to work their way up I would say this tank Aspire Atlantis v2 has even better flavor then the v1 dont get me wrong the v1 is still a beast with the clouds however the v2 has so much cloud production just as much as a dripper and possibly more all in all I give it a 10/10 their are no cons and zero problems with this device so click the back button and buy yours now here at triple7 :) xoxo vape on!

tashia juarez - hoquiam wa

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